2010, 2017

Thursday October 19th

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  Incidents Criminal Mischief – Occurred at 1001 Godfrey Ave SE. a window was damaged, valued at 200.00 Burglary – Occurred at 156 45th Street NE, an antique dresser, mirror, assorted Home Interior, assorted dishes, ...Read more

1910, 2017

Wednesday October 18th

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  Incidents Fraudulent Use of Credit/Debit Card – Occurred at 400 Gault Ave S, a charge of $73.70 was made without authorization Theft of Property – Occurred at Wal-Mart, two steaks and hot sauce were ...Read more

1810, 2017

Tuesday October 17th

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  Incidents Damaged Property – Occurred at 2004 Godfrey Ave NE, a freezer was damaged, valued at $500.00 Leaving the Scene of an Accident – Occurred at 226 Gault Ave N, a rear corner on ...Read more

1710, 2017

Monday October 16th

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Incidents Theft of Services – Occurred at 1114 Glenn Blvd SW, a meal was not paid for, valued at $6.53   3 Arrests Stephanie Joeann Moore, age 34 of Fort Payne, was arrested on Two ...Read more

1710, 2017

Sunday October 15th

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Incidents Criminal Mischief – Occurred at 3802 Gault Ave N, a door panel and trim were damaged on a 2009 Ford Flex Limited, valued at $2000.00 Criminal Mischief – Occurred at 2311 Chisenhall Road W, ...Read more