Fort Payne, Alabama…  Simply, the best!

In the early and mid-1990’s author Norman Crampton twice selected Fort Payne as one of “The 100 Best Small Towns in America.”  In 2003 Gerald W. Sweitzer and Kathy M. Fields published their book, The 50 Best Small Southern Towns, and Fort Payne was again selected as as distinguished and unique place to live.  Sweitzer and Fields selected towns that were “charming, livable places affording a gentler way of life.”  In 2004, Jack Schultz’s book, Boom Town USA – the 7 ½ Keys to Big Success in Small Towns, designated Fort Payne as a “Golden Eagle.”  He uses the term to describe the 100 best small towns that are the “crème de la crème” of small towns in America, adding, “They not only excel in most of the 7 ½ keys, but also have much to offer in a number of other critical areas that impact a town’s quality of life.”  What more can we say?  We are honored, of course.  Our quality of life is not a secret.  We have known it all along…now, the world knows it.  Excellent transportation, schools, recreation, healthcare facilities, cultural events, and scenic beauty are readily available.  Yet, we still maintain our small town character with good neighbors and a strong work ethic.  We are proud to be so honored!

We hope that you choose to join our town and community.  We welcome you!