Monday October 31st

/Monday October 31st

Monday October 31st



Theft of Property – Occurred at Wal-Mart, a hat, gloves and two shirts were taken, valued at $48.88

Theft of Property – Occurred at 1707 Glenn Blvd SW, a 6-pack of Natural Light beer was taken, valued at $8.99

Burglary – Occurred at 2051 Jennings Road SE, three rings with diamond pearls and a gold nugget were taken, valued at $700.00


2 Arrests

Terry Shane Williams, age 22 of Crossville, was arrested on a Warrant for Outside Agency at 12:10 am

Martha Jane Bowes, age 61 of Valley Head, was arrested for Theft of Property at 1:40 pm



1 Accident with 0 Injuries

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