Residential Solid Waste is divided into 3 different categories of materials and each is picked up or collected separately: Garbage, Yard Waste, and Rubbish

Garbage is defined as household food waste and any other materials coming from the kitchen or bathroom. This includes paper, plastic products, and packaging materials. Collection of this waste is conducted using the 95 gallon waste containers which are supplied free of charge by the Sanitation Department. Most homes are picked up by large one-man trucks with an automatic arm on the right side of the truck which reaches out and grabs the can and dumps it overhead into the top of the truck. Some containers are necessarily located on narrow streets or alleys which the large trucks cannot negotiate. These containers are picked up by a two man crew using a smaller truck that empties the container into the rear of the truck.

Residential 1 Can – $15.91
Residential 2 Cans – $22.35
Residential 3 Cans – $28.79

Household Garbage Collection Rules and Procedures

  1. All containers should be placed at the curb by 5:30 a.m. on the day of collection.
  2. All customers must use the 95 gallon container provided by the City.
  3. Containers must not contain unacceptable waste such as liquids, hot ashes, hazardous chemicals, heavy rocks, dirt, or car motors, or have construction or other materials sticking up out of the container.
  4. Containers must be placed at least 5 feet away from obstructions such as mailboxes, utility poles, guy wires, trees, or parked cars. Containers should not be placed directly underneath overhanging cable, phone, power lines, or tree branches. Containers should be placed no more than two feet from the curb or pavement with the arrows on the lid pointing toward the street. On extremely uneven ground, the containers may be turned sideways but should never be turned backwards. Bags, trash, or bulky waste should never be placed on top of or around the container.
  5. Any waste items which fit should be placed in the container including boxes, leaves, small branches etc.

Residential Collection Routes (See Map)

Monday Routes: All of Lookout Mountain inside city limits
Tuesday Routes: All of the city below Lookout Mountain south of  Beason  Gap and 20th Street NE and east of the centerline of Gault Avenue
Wednesday Routes: Residences north of Beason Gap and along Sylvania Gap  Road including Alabama Avenue NW north of Greenhill Blvd, Gault Avenue north of the north Y (Old Valley Head Road), Martin Avenue, and Godfrey Avenue north of Beason Gap
Thursday Routes: All of the city west of the centerline of Gault Avenue between KFC and McDonald’s and all residences in Pine Hills and along Lebanon Road, Glenn Blvd, and Airport Road